Seven Flat Belly Foods

Seven (Surprising) Flat Belly Foods

It is nothing but logical to think that getting a flat belly will require the consumption of diet foods. The truth is quite different. Some products that are traditi
onally considered “fattening” can actually produce amazing fat burning effects.

So many people fail understanding that there are different kinds of fats. Some lipids are essential and healthy. They can be used to regulate hormone levels and make weight loss efforts more efficient. Including these in a balanced diet will result in a much more beautiful and fitter body.

Here is a list of the seven surprising flat belly foods.

CoconutCoconut Products – Flour, Milk and Oil
Everything that is made from coconuts is great for fat burning. Coconut oil and coconut milk are two essentials to incorporate in a healthy diet. These contain saturated fats that are exceptionally beneficial.

Coconut products are also rich in lauric acid that has the power to boost the immune response. Few foods are naturally rich in lauric acid.

The saturated fats that coconuts contain are ready to use. This means that the lipids are transformed into energy immediately, without being stored in the body. Additionally, coconut flour is rich in fiber and proteins. This is a wonderful baking option that delivers fat burning effects, unlike traditional flour varieties.

Whole Eggs
Whole EggYes, the egg yolk is healthy and it ranks among the best fat burning foods. This claim goes contrary to what many nutrition and fitness experts have to say but the egg yolk has been stigmatized unfairly for many years.

Yolks are nutritional powerhouses. They contain proteins, antioxidants and essential vitamins that cannot be found in the egg white. Some of the most important nutrients that can be obtained from yolks include phosphorus, calcium, zinc, iron, vitamin B6 and B12, all fat soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids.

To get the most of egg consumption, it is essential to look for organic, free-range eggs. The diet of chickens will be determining for the nutritional qualities of the yolks. Traditional eggs contain limited amounts of nutrients and poor essential fatty acid ratios.

Dark ChocolateDark Chocolate

People who love chocolate and all kinds of sweets will be happy to find out that dark chocolate, the variety that contains at least 72 percent cacao, is a great fat burning food.

Though it contains many calories, dark chocolate is rich in fiber and it has lower quantities of sugar than the traditional chocolate varieties. This way, people liking desserts can enjoy a sweet temptation without consuming a large number of calories. A few blocks of dark chocolate will actually speed up the fat loss.

In comparison to other sweet temptations, dark chocolate will keep blood sugar levels almost unchanged. It also contains a medley of important antioxidants that will keep the cells protected from oxidative stress. When buying chocolate, it is imperative to read labels. Quality matters and the nutrient information can provide some hints about the origin and the quality of the chocolate bar. Stay away from chocolate that has very high quantities of sugar and low amounts of cacao.

Pasture Raised ButterGrass-Fed Butter
Butter is another big surprise on the list of the fat burning foods. When butter is organic, grass-fed and pasture-raised, it can deliver a ton of health benefits. It is delicious and it contains essential nutrients that result in a healthy body.

Butter is often included in lists of the unhealthiest foods and this is why many people avoid it at all costs. One of the biggest mistakes that such individuals could make is to opt for margarine, which is full of dangerous ingredients. Margarine is the one that should be avoided at all costs, rather than the delicious and perfectly healthy butter.

There are several characteristics of butter that deliver a fat burning effect. For a start, it contains a lipid known as CLA. This lipid is healthy and some studies suggest it may even have anti-cancer properties. This type of lipid is essential for building lean muscle mass rather than accumulating fat.

The Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio in grass-fed butter is almost ideal. Finally, grass-fed butter is rich in another healthy lipid that is called MCT. This is another readily-available lipid that the body uses immediately for the production of energy. Butter can be used prior to workouts, increasing stamina and providing the valuable nutrients needed to make the most of the exercise and to get into better shape.

Grass-Fed Beef
Grass Fed BeefBeef is traditionally considered a healthy meat variety (at least when it comes to red meat consumption) but the intake of grass-fed beef is the crucial factor. This is the one that has the right Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acid ratio, rather than the one that is grain-fed. Grain fed beef has a poor ratio, which contributes to inflammatory processes.

Both grass-fed beef and grass-fed bison are incredibly beneficial, unlike the meat produced commercially. The animals raised in traditional farms are put on an altered diet that makes them gain weight fast. Instead of getting their typical, healthy nutrition, the animals are fed corn and soy. This diet changes the nutritional value of the meat, decreasing the amounts of healthy substances and resulting in meat products that should be avoided.

Grass-fed beef is also an excellent source of vitamin E, unlike the traditional varieties of meat. Though finding real grass-fed beef could be a challenging task, it is worth the research. Working with a reputable local farmer is one of the best options for getting access to high quality meat.

All Kinds of Raw Nuts
Raw NutsRaw nuts are very healthy but some people avoid them because they tend to be calorie-packed. As surprising as it may seem, raw nuts can b a part of a fat burning diet. Pecans, almonds, walnuts, brazil nuts, pistachios and other nut varieties will deliver great results when consumed in moderation.

Nuts contain more than 75 percent of fats but these lipids are very beneficial. Additionally, nuts are rich in various micronutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. Most varieties contain some quantity of fiber and proteins, which are great for individuals trying to burn fat and get a flatter belly.

The body needs essential lipids for yet another reason – these are used to maintain healthy hormone levels. A hormonal balance will result in the ability to burn fat quickly and without working too hard on it.

Raw nuts are nutrient-packed, which means that small quantities can be used to control hunger and cravings. This is why the raw nuts can be used to decrease the overall calorie intake, despite the fact that they are very nutritional. People who want to get all of the benefits should look for raw rather than roasted nuts. Roasted nuts lose many of the essential nutrients that are found in their raw counterparts.

AvocadoThis is another fatty food that can be used to get the desired fat burning effect. The avocado is an excellent source of healthy fats, just like all of the other foods mentioned in this top seven list. On top of that, avocados contain a range of vitamins and nutrients that are needed for healthy functioning of organs and systems.

Avocados can be used for the preparation of delicious salads, toppings (is there anyone in the world who does not like guacamole) and appetizers. The nutrients found in avocados are another essential for maintaining the hormonal balance, which is a prerequisite for successful and long-term fat burning.

The avocado can be consumed as a snack to control cravings and hunger. Like the raw nuts, it has a high nutritional value and it is full of essential substances. Thus, a food that contains many calories can once again be used to reduce the overall calorie intake through efficient craving control.

A range of diet foods can be contributing to the inability to lose weight and get in better shape. Many people get fooled into such routines because of their desire to get a flatter belly and a leaner body. The answer, however, is hidden in foods that many dieters consider a taboo.

Essential lipids regulate many processes that are the key to sustainable fat loss. To get the benefits, however, individuals will need to learn more about the origin of foods and their quality. There is a major difference between grass-fed and grain-fed beef. While the first one is an excellent fat burning food, the second one could be considered anything but beneficial. Proper nutrition will require research and conscious effort in discovering quality products. Once this happens, the results will be noticed almost immediately.


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